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Summer is finally here! And it’s time for my first “real” blog post at my personal blog (like I said in my “other” first post, don’t expect me to update this that much… check twitter instead). I have been up to so much lately. I’m finally out of Drexel (which didn’t end till June 13th) and home for the summer.

Well, sort of.

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Because I am starting my first co-op cycle in September (where I work for 6 months instead of going to school), I have to come back down to Philadelphia for job interviews. And boy, do I have job interviews. Here’s what happened:

Drexel’s online job system lets you normally apply for 20 co-op jobs during “A” round (The first round of applying for jobs and interviewing. If you don’t get a job in “A” round, you try again in “B” round, and then “C” round, and then if you still don’t have a co-op job at that point, your pretty much out of luck and have to make a “job search journal” in order to receive co-op credit. If you really care about how this works visit However, because of “perverse economic conditions” (The economy being horrible), Drexel allowed us to apply for a total of 25 co-op jobs in “A” round. Since SCDC constantly tells us to apply for all the co-op jobs we could, and since I thought that it might be difficult for a first time co-op with no real world experience to get a job, I applied for all 25 jobs. Results? I got 18 job interviews. Apparently, the IT industry is still doing pretty well, and the employers keep telling me that I have so much experience. Go figure. (What do you think? Take a look at my resume)

Now, I am and was very happy about this, but it presented some problems. Like, how the hell am I going to be able to fit all these interviews into about 4 weeks, while living at home in North Jersey. So far, I have been constantly planing for all of this craziness for the past two weeks. I have already managed to complete 6 interviews, and I have 10 more this week (about 3 a day). For me, its really hard to schedule them because I don’t really know how I am getting to all of these locations for interviews. I don’t have a car, so I have to rely on public transportation (SEPTA) to get me every where. And not all of the interviews are in Center City / University City. It long and complicated to get to these “remote” locations, but doable. As long as I have adaquite time to get from one interview to another (which i discovered yesterday that sometimes I did not, but that’s another story)

Overall, I am grateful that I have so many options, and that there are a bunch of really cool experiences that I can get. The stress will go away soon, and I can relax. Thank goodness that I am pretty good at planing, and frequently use tools like Google Calendar, Google Docs and Spreadsheets, and Tripit to help keep me organized. Even Google Voice helps with its awesome call log that you can annotate (and making sure that I always receive my calls, no matter where I am!

And while Co-op stuff is a big part of my current summer plans, it’s not all of it. I’m still blogging at The iLife (and you may have seen me and The iLife crew in the news with our NYC apple store “campout” for the new iPhone 3G S), and am working on a few small web design projects with my company, Keith Hobin IT Services.

So that’s basically my summer so far. I expect to keep busy, but still get some relaxation time in (This is my last summer break, after that fall I will be either studying at Drexel, or out on co-op…). I am going to make the most of it. And blog about it.

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